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I have black marks and streaks in my attic!!

Dave, Ajax
Roof Master

This is often overlooked and should be attended to immediately. There are many reasons and variables which cause this mold, but most important any mold is a concern.

First you need to find the problem, for example it could be improper bathroom exhaust fan procedures, a leaky roof, improper soffit vents and or inadequate roofing ventilation and more. Call Gryphon Extreme Roofing right away to find and solve this problem.

Once you have identified the problem and solutions add ventilation up to if not a little more than building codes state to rid of all the access moisture that has become trapped in your attic. At Gryphon Extreme Roofing we recommend adding a whirly bird / turbine to speed up the process.

Once attic is back to dry this will stop the spreading process due to the lack of moisture, like any living organism. Also available for purchase are mold killing sprays, there are brands safe for the environment. Use Clorox bleach spray bottle for the really black spots. At Gryphon Extreme Roofing we recommend changing your roof deck, shingles and insulation to properly rid of all these dangerous molds but also understand this is not always affordable.

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